The Appropriate Time To Treat Your Dog

It is important to subject to your dog to occasional treats. They are important and helpful when offered at the right time. For you to achieve maximum benefits of the treat, you need to take note of timing when you offer them. The following guidelines will help you avoid any confusion as far as offering treats to your dog is concerned. It is significant to offer your dog a treat in between the meal. Try finding a treat that your dog enjoys and offer them their favorite snack. It is also appropriate to offer your dog treats during training. This will act as an encouragement to them and help you achieve maximum attention from the dog. It will make them more attentive to your instructions since they are likely to view the treat as a reward to their keenness. Avoid offering a treat before you give them the main meal. Find out more at

The best way to give treat is to hold the dog in between the first two fingers and thumb. It is good that you start with the dog's nose, is highly rewarding as you are appealing to the most important part of the brain. Allow the dog to sniff through to feel that the treatment is on your hand. As the dog continues to smell you should lift the treat above the nose height and move it slowly over the dog's head and then move it to the back of the dog's shoulders. This is done to make the dog sit on the butts, to lower the shoulders back and later lift the head up. This will ensure that the dog pays attention to the owner.

You should lift the treat slowly for the dog to follow it in your hand and if it attempts to jump into your hand, you should take it away. When you are repeating this process, you should have the hand closer to the dog's head. When the dog begins to follow their nose and the eyes along with putting their butt on the floor instruct it to sit and remain calm, then you can stretch your hand and offer the treat to them. If you show the dog that you are too excited to give them the treat it may lose the main goal of offering the treat. The dog will not learn any lesson at the end of the offer. Treating your dog helps you show them your affection to them. Ensure you treat your dog when it behaves well as a reward.This will boost their positive behavior. Head over to to get started.

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