How To Choose Dog Treats

If you are a dog owner, you know the significant role that treats have in the life of your dogs. They go a long way to showing your dog that it is loved. In fact, some doggie treats have a positive impact on the dental health of your dog. I could go on and on about the importance of treats to your dog and never finish. Knowing that dog treats are crucial to the relationship between you and your dog, how do you then choose the right kind of treat for your dog. How do you choose a treat that your dog will enjoy and still have it be nutritious?

Every dog has its preference when it comes to treats, so it's important that you try out different kinds so that you establish what your dog loves. Isn't the point of treating to please your dog? Therefore, do not focus so much on calories and forget your dog needs to enjoy its treat at the end of the day.
Treats do not have to be specially formulated and unique dog food. It could be its favorite food. If there is food that your dog cannot seem to get enough of them that could make for a healthy treat for your dog.

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the treat. For dogs, size matters a great deal. You will find some dogs care more for big treats. It is not greed, it is being a just a dog. Besides, don't you always want more snacks than you should be having? The thing to check on while you give your dog a big treat is the nutritious value. When you buy dog treats in the store, the package comes with the nutritious value, so that you can select a treat based on the right kind of nutrition. Since you are giving your dog a big treat, then it should have fewer calories because you do not want to have your dog gaining weight. Weight gain in pets is just as dangerous as in humans. Visit for more details. 

Resist giving all your left overs of human treats like chocolate to your dog. Some of these foods have been found to be toxic to dogs. Before you embark on feeding your dog with any human food, check with your veterinary so that you do not unintentionally poison your dog.

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